Pteridospermales (Cycadofilicales): An Overview

The Pteridospermales or Cycadofilicales are characteristic gymnospermous plants that bore fern-like foliage, which in turn bore seeds that were unprotected. Hence, they are known as seed ferns.

Pteridospermales is a very large order that includes a heterogeneous assemblage of tree-like organisms. The plants lived through the Carboniferous period, reached their climax, and became extinct in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era.

Pteridospermales or Cycadofilicales

Characteristics of Pteridospermales

  • Plants possessed erect, slender, or weak stems with large frond-like leaves.
  • Primary xylem was in the form of a solid or medullated protostele and was usually mesarch, rarely exarch.
  • Secondary wood was monoxylic.
  • Tracheids of secondary wood had multiseriate-bordered pits on their radial walls.
  • The leaves were large, fern-like, and pinnately compound. They were arranged spirally at the apex of the stem.
  • The leaves of all types were covered by a resistant cuticle.
  • Microsporangia were exanulate and, sometimes, grouped into synangia.
  • Megasporophyll were like foliage leaves.
  • The integument was vascularized.
  • The nucellus was also vascularized in some ovules.
  • No pollen tubes were present in the pollen grains.
  • The pollen grains (megaspores) may be monolete or trilete.
  • Megaspore was surrounded by a thick wall.
  • The seeds were not borne on inflorescence or cones.
  • Seeds had a considerable resemblance to those of present-day cycads.
Figure: Life restoration of Lepidopteris. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Classification of Pteridospermales

Arnold (1948) divided Pteridospermales into three families. Viz-

  1. Lyginopteridaceae
  2. Medullosaceae
  3. Calamopityaceae

Sporne (1974) divided it into the following seven families:

  1. Lyginopteridaceae
  2. Medullosaceae
  3. Calamopityaceae
  4. Glossopteridaceae
  5. Peltaspermaceae
  6. Corystospermaceae
  7. Caytoniaceae
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