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Biology Learner is an educational website about biology and biological science. It is the destination for those who are interested in biology, love, study, and learn biology. We provide biology-related various types of articles and notes. It may help them study biology and they can access it easily and freely.

Our only aim is to represent biology in a simple way that will help to understand and learn about biology and biological science.

Biology is the science of organisms and living things.

Biology is one of the oldest branches of science. Like other notable branches of science, it is also a basic science. The origin of all living things on earth, the nature of their structure, the process of life, the relationship with the environment, sustainability, normal development, etc. are discussed through biology.

Although the branches of science are considered separately in the early stages. Going into the depths of the discussion, it is easy to say that each branch is interrelated. The main component of an organism is the protoplasm which is a well-organized state of organic and inorganic matter. The existence and function of protoplasm are regulated by the laws of physics and chemistry.

Biology has taken an important place as an important branch of science in the last few decades and in the twenty-first century. At the national and international level, biology is playing a leading role in solving various problems of society. The role of life science in protecting the environment deserves praise.

So learning or knowing biology is very important. Our articles may help them to learn and study biology.

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